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So, despite no sexual partners to speak of and no appreciably lowered percentage of body fat (I can see, ever so vaguely, where my lowest floating rib should be, but sadly no ab muscles to speak of…and yes, I can do the boob-pencil trick), I haven’t actually had my period since late August. I’m guessing my body has just given up on the prospect of ever supporting another life, and I am going into early menopause. Perhaps we can throw me a party?

In the meantime, I’ve been trying out various sugar-free, gluten-free pie recipes in the name of Thanksgiving and am now closer to 107 lbs than 105 lbs. If this doesn’t put a stop to early bone density loss, I don’t know what will. If not, someone please euthanize me soon so I can leave a not-so-hideous corpse? kthxbye.

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