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Craftiness/So my hat is cunning, in a way

I gained 3 lbs and 3% body fat over the holiday, in spite of resistance and interval training. Yikes! In the spirit of finding a hobby that doesn’t involve cooking (cooking, sadly, is the one thing I really want to do — curse you, contrarian human nature), I have used the time off to practice hand-sewing. I still suck, but have finally figured out Diana Rupp’s knot tying trick (hint: it’s a bit like how I tie my shoelaces). I whip-stitched my small red hat into my black bucket hat, so now my more fashionable hat is 2X as warm! I also hemmed a t-shirt because, yes, I am that short.

Oh, and I re-hung that low hanging chin up bar after it came down (taking some plaster with it — my big, fat @ss again). But in the spirit of not destroying the place, I ordered one of those nifty cantilevered door bars (Amazon, on sale). Yes, I could try to DIY one out of pvc pipes, but give me a break here. I’m not made of time. 😛

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