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Serpents, sinews, sparrows, fractals

Took a walk to the river as the weather was mild enough. The scenery, not being a horse, wasn’t quite dun colored, but that was the term that sprung to mind. I look forward to the vibrant colors of the coming seasons.

I saw two plump sparrows chilling in the low, bare branches of a tree. They seemed quite peaceful and content. So now I know that the life of a sparrow isn’t as frantic and tense (“brutish”) as I would have guessed.

As I watched and listened to the water (the river was low and calm today), I thought shallowly of fractals and self-affine forms. Which is ridiculously pretentious because I don’t understand either. (Not that I’ve actually tried.)

I thought of breathing and how I was doing it right. If I could, I’d make a lolcat of myself. I thought of having a gyroscope in my center of gravity.

That’s a lot of random thoughts for one day!

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