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Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter – Smackdown

Freakishly, I love almonds but have always been disappointed with the taste of almond butter. And while I have an unholy love of peanut butter, I always feel guilty about eating it (PUFAs, legume suspicions, aflatoxins, etc. ARGH!). In contrast, almond butter has more of a green tea-ish “health halo” that I’ve been diligently trying to ignore because I never could make myself enjoy the taste. Whereas peanut butter is, sadly, delicious. But then I read this post on Peanut Butter Boy, which references…vanilla flavored almond butter.

Vanilla flavored almond butter, you guys. Brilliant.

So I dashed off to add vanilla extract to my poor, neglected, languishing, unloved jar of almond butter. And totally binged on the results in the name of recipe testing, but it’s what I do for science. Vanilla flavored almond butter is my new favorite nut butter*.

*I can safely say that peanut butter is not my favorite nut butter, because peanuts are not nuts, but legumes. And I’m trying to kick the PB habit, like I know I should. But I still have about 3/4 a jar of Peanut Butter & Company’s “Smooth Operator” singing to me its siren song of deliciousness. Addicted? Mayhap. If loving peanut butter is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Sob.

  1. February 15, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    So you simply added vanilla extract and it was that good? No sugar? I gotta try it with peanut butter. I hope you don’t turn away from PB forever, I’ve been eating a jar a week for 6 years now and I’ve never been healthier!

    • commutergrrl
      February 16, 2009 at 1:08 pm

      I did add a tiny bit of sugar. 🙂

      Well, I can’t argue with your empirical results! (Or, you know, the innate yumminess of peanut butter). In fact, I had peanut butter for breakfast this morning. So good…

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