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Time Travel, Trime Travel, Time Travel

Said a coworker: “My fiancé and I were having one of those talks about how we couldn’t imagine anything coming between us. But then I thought about it, and I said ‘There is one thing that could come between us – time travel.’”

She went on to elaborate that it was actually conversations about time travel that might tear them apart, as these conversations can get rather heated. Who doesn’t dread those awkward “Honey, we need to talk…about time travel” moments? I like to think that true love would stand the test of true time travel as well as, you know, hypothetical time travel. I still have fond if slightly cringe-worthy memories of loving “Quantum Leap.”

A bit later on in the day, another coworker asked me “Do you like time travel?” To which I responded, “But the paradoxes are a bitch.”

Now it’s my turn to mention time travel.


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