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Ho hum

I read far to many diet books that all contradict each other.

I read far to many diet books, period.

Next week they may start me on progesterone to make me fertile again.

Being fertile would probably make me gain weight, though, so maybe it’s not the best idea right before the 15th high school reunion…

Also, there’s no point to being fertile if I will never make enough money to fund a child. Maybe I could buy a share in a child, like people buy cow shares for the raw milk?

In reality, I feel like I could still stand to lose a few inches, if not necessarily weight. Maybe in some ways I am malnourished now, despite being so soft and fat. That’s so typically American!

I’m not sure what, exactly, I should eat to make up for the lack of B vitamins since I have given up grains and grain products. I’m eating greens, salad, sardines, eggs, meat, poultry, butter from pastured cows, coconut, nuts, and carrots. I’m trying hard to give up yogurt and peanut butter. Will bananas and sweet potatoes push me over the edge into obesity? Conundrum!

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