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In which I whine like a girl

I can’t help shaking the feeling that maybe, in some ways, I was pushing myself harder and yet more intermittently (more randomly, as advised by paleo/primal/evolutionary fitness enthusiasts) than with Crossfit. That said, I was using machines at the gym and not, for the most part, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, and obviously I didn’t know anything about form that I hadn’t learned from the internet. I don’t love Crossfit. This may be because I feel like I’m doing it, at this point, to please other people, like my ex-roommate’s brother. On the other hand, Crossfit teaches skills that I would dearly like to have.

Since starting, I seem to have gained about 5 lbs. of pure lard (per Tanita body composition measuring scale). This is possibly because getting myself to the Crossfit location for class gets me home much later, so that I eat dinner basically an hour before bedtime. Meanwhile, my body has decided that it doesn’t need a waist or a chin, and I have undone over a year’s worth of work (of diet & exercise) in the past few weeks. Yes, I am now officially guilty of bailing on social events because I am too ashamed of being fat.

It could be the hormone pills they’re giving me to increase fertility. But I’m thinking being fertile is not worth being fat, especially since (hello!) I will never be able to afford to have children anyway.

I was thinking of giving up wine and cheese, but I don’t even partake in wine and cheese that often. Although abstaining certainly wouldn’t hurt. Maybe I should give up fruit and nuts.

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