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Baby steps (squats)

Really trying to activate my “posterior chain” when I do squats (baby back squats at 106#). When you initiate the movement by pushing your hips back, is the load mostly on your quads, or is there more of a pelvic/lower back tilt going on (or both)? Thinking about wedging myself between a rock…and a hard place. Wonder what the implications are for wall-balls.

I’m terrible at wall-balls. It’s mostly physical (my body doesn’t get the concept yet), but I also think, psychologically, I’m fighting the feeling that they’re just a little bit silly.

The most mysterious skill experienced Crossfitters seem to show, by far, is not the kipping pull-up, but the ability to know exactly which naked bar weighs what. Like expert trackers or chicken sexers, they’ll just squint at one of a set of seemingly identical lengths of dingy metal and pronounce, “That girl bar is 33#.”

And that, my friends, is the dream to which I now aspire.

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