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I kept the sweat and tears

Donated blood today, as I have not much money to give the poor, but I am full of blood. I shall have to remember that my blood type is A positive, as it seems like the sort of thing I ought to know consistently. Today, my iron count was “excellent” ( a year and a half ago it was borderline low, but stop menstruating for 1a year, and your hemoglobin count goes way up!), my blood pressure was “great” (100/60; it used to be borderline or “surprisingly” high), and my temperature was over a degree below normal (97.2 F degrees, which sounds all kinds of alarms in my head about thyroid hormone, but didn’t seem to phase the lab tech guy in the least). I continue to have “really great veins” for this sort of thing.

They told me to have juice and cookies afterward but did not actually provide either of these things. This is fine, because I’m off sugar and most carbohydrates and packed an appropriate snack this morning, but it did seem rather cruel of the blood bank to tease like that.

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