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Happy Halloween

My apartment building is renovating its hallways. The problem is that they now look like the hallways from Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining. Seriously, I keep expecting to see a pair of creepy dead twins down there. The naked, hanging light bulbs don’t help. I’m pretty sure they are scaring trick-or-treaters away.

Finished reading Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness, which was both amusing and interesting. I don’t think it told me much I didn’t already know (I’ve read a lot of those "science of happiness" books!), but it told me a lot of things I’ve forgotten.

I made myself rather sick eating too much sugar free candy. Coincidentally, I had a dentist appointment today. No cavities! Also, I apparently have one, lonely wisdom tooth, not impacted or anything, just sort of hanging out, singing a little song to itself. OK, maybe not that last bit.

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