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He wants his Food TV

So, the Food Network has been dropped by Cablevision. This would have little bearing on me, because I watch all my TV on sites like Hulu, but The Food Network is my father’s desert island cable channel.

He is now undergoing severe withdrawal pains and must drown his sorrows in the methadone of PBS programming. Of course, like any replacement drug, it doesn’t quite scratch the itch, so he watches it with the volume turned up to 11. (Now playing: "That’s Entertainment" – described in the listings as "show-stoppers from some 70 MGM musicals, with Fred Astaire" – at FULL VOLUME.) This is excruciating, not only to me and my mother, but (most likely) all the neighbors in a 3 apartment radius.

No Food Network? That’ll never fly in this berg. New Yorkers survive on soggy, disappointing takeout made palatable only by watching Paula Deen deep frying Snickers covered ice cream.

They can’t take away our food porn. It’s all we’ve got!

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