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A brief interlude: personal update, supplements con’t

March 19, 2010 2 comments

I spent about 2 weeks somnolent as hell, which I think was due to too much magnesium (or the wrong kind of magnesium?), so the naturopath was wrong on that one, at least regarding the dosage.

The ALA/LA supplements, as they always do, seemed to improve everything (mood, skin, hunger levels) for a few days, but then all improvements stopped and reversed.

They seemed to increase impulsiveness, impulse buying, and other such behavior in me. Also, in the hours directly after I tookthem, I would become quite edgy and manic, and my imaginary homunculus (wait – how can I be sure he’s imaginary?) would develop a sort of Tourette Syndrome. A lot of internal cursing, is what I’m saying. The thing is, about a day or two into the regimen, I had a really good day when I was actually upbeat, and of course I kept wanting to chase that dragon.

I’ve been trying to bring my vitamin D levels up via supplementation (Carlson’s drops), again per the naturopath. I’m not sure I feel any different (even with the single initial week of megadosing at 100,000 IU back in December), but then the naturopath did say it might take 3-4 months to get my blood levels into optimum range. In any case, this variable is totally confounded with the simultaneous supplementation with iodine.

That said, I find that SUNLIGHT is delightful and mood enhancing.

Another thing I never found improved anything is coconut oil. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty (thought I prefer butter!), and I’m sure it’s very healthful. I just never notice any qualitative difference in my life from consuming it.

I cerainly notice a difference (initially) from supplemental “essential” fatty acids, be they fish oil, LA, ALA, etc. The problem is that it’s not always a good difference. Perhaps there is a sort of doseage curve, or intermittent dosage cycling might be beneficial.

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True story

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I actually started the morning by whipping heavy cream into butter so it wouldn’t go bad.

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Also green tea. Also white tea. Also oolong tea.

March 5, 2010 112 comments

Dear Herbal Tea,

I hate you.


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