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This is a (terrible) work of fiction


  • Lithium,

    the lightest known metal,

    made of me a moon creature

    unearthly and lustrous

    with her soft white light

    mercury tracing the lifelines

  • I knew

    there were other worlds,

    that like Persephone I could fall through earth,

    and land

    where the light wouldn’t burn


    ascend angelic, bones glowing,

    radiant, into lucidity

  • You touch me; the mercury rises

    The poisoned blood jumps, riddled with silver fish

    And I fall

    And I rise

    Looking upward, I see myself

    Limbs set in points of light

    Pulsing, expanding, and slowly


    spinning away

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    1. June 5, 2011 at 11:57 am

      No, that isn’t terrible poetry. And, again, I say that as someone who hates most things labeled “poetry.” This has nice rhythm, meter, and alliteration. I’m a stickler for meter in all forms of writing.

      I liked that.

      I like that it starts with “lithium.”

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