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And then, none

The last shuttle launched today. Although I both know and believe that the NASA flights happened, I never overcame the feeling that they were fictional.

I wrote this poem about a shuttle launch in 2003.


“Columbia/New World 2003”


Don’t think I didn’t know the risks.
This has happened before. A flash in the pan,
A moment, premonition
I knew I was dead when I woke up that morning
and made coffee,
200,000 feet between us.


Night after night
I dreamed
of immolation.
Every time I came home,
Kissed you hello
and the kids good night
I knew I was a ghost


Dim as a photograph
Of 1986,
I’d forgotten what it was like to be not cold,
to live in your four dimensional world.


You won’t forget me.


In dreams,
You see it happen:
The sky over Texas is brilliant, and freezing
And then
I rupture it
and go down.


It was worth it, that searing bright
light so pure my heart stopped beating.


I was an angel, burning bright.

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