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Bridge & Tunnel Vision

You say it’s been a hard year
And that you’ve failed to thrive
And that you can find for yourself no more slack
You can find no more give in this life

  • The train’s a shrinking terrarium whose shape your spirit’s grown to fit
    Where time abdicates all meaning, but you can’t seem to free yourself from it
    Outwardly still, but in truth you’re hurtling through the dark
    Inwardly fretful and full of regret in the dark

  • The past isn’t what you thought it was
    The woman across the breakfast table’s not the girl with whom you fell in love
    You confabulate a history to
    Satisfy your need for mystery
    Too close to feel if the tale rings true
    You’re still full of hope her heart will come back to you
    You look in her eyes, and you hope she’ll come back to you

  • What you signed up for’s not what you got
    But when pressed you confessed that that’s all of our lot
    So you think of the kids and you narrow your gaze
    Try to find some small measure of joy in your days
    Coffee and movies and Chinese food on Fridays
    Talking with friends, running fast as you can through the pain

  • I wish I could discern the plan
    I wish I were a better man
    To bridge troubled waters and be strong
    But you’re getting along
    For now I can tell that you’re getting along

  • Passing through the years in increments
    You’ll disregard the lack of sense
    The rift between cause and effect
    Get through the day and then get through the next
    At that point, anything is possible
    Can’t say when, but something good will be possible

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