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August 7, 2007 56 comments

My ex-roommate has purchased Guitar Hero, which I’m assuming is better for NYC apartment dwellers than Dance Dance Revolution. This is an educated guess at best.

Perhaps I’ll take up drinking martinis.

CORRECTION: My roommate has purchased two Guitar Hero guitars, but has yet to obtain a PlayStation console or the actual game. A smart girl, she is fully cognizant of this fact and is merely relying on the kindness of friends.

Perhaps I’ll take up drinking martinis.


More random conversation

September 26, 2005 Leave a comment

My ex-roommate: “-and I ate a huge pork sausage…”

Me: Is that a euphemism?

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And joining the nation’s sleep deprived…

April 1, 2005 Leave a comment

A recent conversation with my roommates:

Smriti: God, you guys come home so late! Don’t you ever get tired?

Rhodora & Me: Yes.

(long pause)

Rhodora: What about you? You’re always up all hours of the night.

Smriti: Yeah, but I’m always exhausted!

Me: So are we!

(even longer pause)

Rhodora: What just happened?

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