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Me, the tool user

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

When you purchase a mini-trampoline online, I expect it would be useful to know before you pay that the assembly instructions call for 3 able-bodied adults to assemble the thing. Girls who are 4’10” living with two 70-year olds need not apply.

It seems I have neither the height nor the weight to assemble a mini-trampoline with nothing but myself and my wits.

It took me, my wits, a 20 lb dumbbell, a 25 lb dumbbell, and a 10 lb sledgehammer.

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Fitness Angst/Nike: Effing Just Do It, Already

April 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Had dinner last night with Rho and her brother Randy. It turns out that he has joined Crossfit and started eating paleo down in Florida. He highly recommends Crossfit. He’s basking in the glow of that fitness honeymoon phase, a state I remember well from my TKD time – days would go by when all I wanted to do was kick. I’m jealous.

Auuuugh!!! The Crossfit website has been taunting me for weeks. I want to join, but are they a cult??? IS their fitness as functional as they claim? (There is controversy in the blogosphere, after all.) Do they work out too many times a week doing exercises that aren’t varied enough? From their posts, all the Crossfit bloggers seem chronically sore and injured. (This is similar to the hardcore martial artists I know.) If you only do Crossfit 2x a week, and something else on the other days, will they look down on you and say that you are weak willed and stupid? ARE they a cult??? Even if they are, is it my DESTINY??? Aaaaaargh!!!

That said, what I need is a fitness religion, not a cult. A community broad and deep enough to believe in without crushing doubt and disillusionment, and an activity that can get me into a Csikszentmihalyi-ish state of flow every once in a while. Also, something that works.