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Coincidence, or FOUL PLAY?

September 13, 2007 Leave a comment

Ah. Just when the NY public library branches start being open 6 days a week (They have posters! Flaunting a big damn “6”! In bus depots!), my own neighborhood branch SHUTS DOWN COMPLETELY UNTIL (tentatively) OCTOBER to REPLACE THEIR CARPETING.

I am convinced that my local librarians simply do not want me to read.

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July 13, 2007 112 comments

Woo hoo! Three library books are waiting for me with my surly neighborhood librarians.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Wednesday, and it was pretty good; it didn’t drag at all. Also: it made my ex-roommate cry. A lot. Actual tears! Emotional girl.

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The Lack of a Liquor License Doesn’t Help Either

July 10, 2007 Leave a comment

On the plus side, my local library will now be open for four hours every Saturday afternoon, thus allowing me to have books airlifted to the remote Bronx where I won’t have to walk twenty miles uphill in the snow both ways to fetch reading material.

On the minus side, my local librarians are extremely lackadaisical and surly on Saturday afternoons. I don’t care what the Times says about today’s librarians being young, hip, and tattooed. At best, my local librarians are hungover. At worst, they are still stoned. Also, the library pages are rude. Instead of, I don’t know, detouring a foot or so AROUND me, they just stand there, making exasperated noises and threatening to run me over with their carts. If Zagat rated libraries, my branch would get ZERO little book icons for service.

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