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Good times!

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

 The Food Network is back, and my father is happy once more. Phew!

Yesterday, my ex-roommate threw a lovely joint birthday party for Li and me. There was much merriment and many board games to play. (As an unsocialized, only-child type person, I never learned the art of playing games, so I just ate cheese and heckled the actual players.)

She even baked primal (grain-free) cupcakes for me! Unfortunately, I had already baked a sugar-free, coconut flour based cake to bring to the party, but people seemed to enjoy it. Here are pics:

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The story behind this particular dress…

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I was IMing one of the guys I work for when I discovered that my office holiday party at the Plaza was in two days, and I had completely forgotten to buy a dress for the occasion. (Classic repression.) In the course of instant messaging, I related my unenviable plight to my boss, who, I might add, is a very sweet gay man. My intense angst and despair must not have translated into the text I was typing, because his reply – "Someone needs a shopping excursion!" – was practically singing with what he must have felt was shared excitement. He asked if there was a particular store I liked, because if I told him, there might be a holiday gift card in store for me.

Those of you who know me at all know that dress shopping for my short, stumpy body causes me a great deal of frustration, as well as overwhelming feelings of failure and hatred of self and others. So when I told my boss "I’ve had better luck at Macy’s," there was an implied "which is to say, optimistically, a less than 100% failure rate."

A little while later, a gift certificate for a generous amount appeared in my inbox.

I told you he was sweet!

But reader, imagine my anguish as I realized I had two days to purchase a dress fashionable enough that it wouldn’t disappoint the sweet, thoughtful, incredibly generous gay man who had, essentially, BOUGHT ME THE DRESS.

I imagine that the ensuing hours looked something like one of those movie montages, only with much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair.

This was the result
, which, to my eternal relief, was reviewed favorably by its patron.

I hope to recover from the ordeal in time for next year’s party.

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