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June 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Have you called them off, old friend?
The transmission code from your spirit to the hive mind
Myself a mind to follow — 

Of course I have always dreamed
Of flight
Into cold blue light. 
But when I remember you 
I think that science
Constrains my dreams of heaven
While it unfolds the universe
Like so much I have willed into being

But you who do not believe
In golden light 
the honeyed perfume
Of endless days 
and such warmth
Have seemingly found
that unsought country
At long last
I am lonely
Without the comfort 
Of your rueful voice, the bees’ summer hum
that implied sweetness
improbable as the world.

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October 4, 2011 2 comments


  • I’m solving that old equation: Exactly
    How to undo
    The geometry that holds us

  • The diagram takes
    A cunning shape
    Sharp to the touch,
    and precarious:
    A cat’s cradle tangled
    A jangling mobile hanged
    On a steel wire net

  • It’s an acrobatic trick,
    Disarming this love
    Trip one wire, and the shock
    Will set the rest to humming
    Vibrating our small constellation till it shatters

  • Holding my breath
    I clip at your heartstrings
    Hoping this whole thing doesn’t shake apart
    If I’m subtle enough
    To slip the knots
    You may never notice me let go

  • Even now I can feel us
    Casting off the vestigial
    and essential
    And without forethought
    All the while attempting
    A casual disregard
    for regret

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    September 11, 2011 Leave a comment

    This is not the first time the world has ended,
    The sky in pieces on the floor,
    The towers of Babel tumbling down,
    The Big Bang, and the mushroom cloud


    I want to say:
    Have some perspective.


    9.8 meters per second
    Per second
    417 meters
    and 3,000 lives

    History circles
    and devours its own tail
    Shedding scales of kaleidoscopic debris
    Radioactive origami confetti

    Witness the parade:

    Walking northwards in sensible shoes on Central Park West
    That was real.
    A car radio stuttered with static and news
    at the corner where I lent a cheap pair of sandals
    to a woman in heels,
    And we shared a bottle of water.
    Hours later, the stragglers came home painted in dust,
    Pale as ghosts,
    Or a memory.
    My memory
    My kingdom for a heart.



    August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

    Sometimes the nothing seems so great
    It’s as if it has a weight
    Something invisible but dense
    Devouring light, escaping sense
    An absence that takes up a space
    A phantom limb that stings and aches
    A hungry ghost whose fading cry
    Eclipses sun and earth and sky


    The world is filled with reflections and shadows
    That the mind draws into likenesses
    So you imagine something like
    An unborn twin
    Or better half
    Someone to share coffee with, perhaps
    Someone to accompany you
    On the long train ride home


    But the emptiness you feel is just an outgrown evolutionary mechanism
    That underpins the motivation
    to survive
    and produce
    viable offspring
    is the death of striving
    So the human condition
    Is one of perpetual want
    Deal with it


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    Crush It

    July 29, 2011 Leave a comment

    Don’t know why I have to dog the days
    Cry havoc and let slip the strays
    I’m foaming at the mouth again
    And you can’t hold me down

    Too much caffeine to look before I leap to the fray
    Tripping wires that conspire to awaken the dead
    But the faithless need foxholes to lead them to grace
    And you can’t hold me down

    I need to run just one more lap round this block
    Score on my body’s accounts one more notch
    And will to be still my vitreous heart
    You can’t hold me down

    This exhaustion knows no bounds
    Still I’m running down the hounds
    And though I long to lay me down
    You can’t hold me down

    You know I’d love to take a nap
    Keep myself calmly upon your lap
    But you’re in an alternate time, and while it overlaps mine
    You can’t really touch me at all

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    Ante Meridiem Redux (the same damn thing, but now it rhymes)

    July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

    These days, above all else, I am sane
    Sleep seven hours a night
    And vow not to fight with the morning sunlight
    That colors the air with its stain

    I’ll take a handful of vitamin pills
    For the fruit I’ve forgotten
    Has begun to go rotten
    A large coffee will do for the thrills

    I take a walk in the cool a.m. air
    For once I’m making good time
    While thin yellow sunshine
    Grants grace to the world that is there

    In a heartbeat it all becomes real
    Objects snap to their places
    For a moment their faces
    Resonate with platonic ideals

    Time stands still in the crystalline shine
    Fragile and lit like a microscope slide
    Suspended in its span, I briefly understand
    It’s not enough for a life, but it’s mine

    Clarity dissipates silently
    The fine balance is lost
    But I know it’s the cost
    Truth returns if I just set it free

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    Ante Meridiem

    July 26, 2011 2 comments

    Above all else, I am sane.
    I take my sunlight like a vitamin
    Sleep 7 hours a night
    Buy organic vegetables and days later discover them rotting in a refrigerator drawer
    Make an effort to walk in open air
    and be punctual
    All this to buy me a single daily moment, that crystalline beat
    Of clarity, of brightness, the edges of objects crisply delineated, but not sharp enough to wound
    Resonating with platonic ideals
    As I somnambulate through the thin, yellow light of early morning.
    This is not enough, but is something.
    Admit it, I’m the steadiest person you know.

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