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Riot Nrrd

October 25, 2005 2 comments

I thought perhaps my days of running with geeks were over, but after a weekend spent watching “Firefly” and playing Dance Dance Revolution with some guys named Marc/k, I have to say, rumors of my not being a total dork are greatly exaggerated.

Things to remember:
Teasing vegans mercilessly for hours on end never gets old.

Especially one with shiny fashion sense.

“Speed Over Beethoven” is the GREATEST SONG EVER.

In between:
Saw my ex-roommate TKD test (well!). Like me, she lacks the killer instinct. Well, what can you do but come back tomorrow?

Was awakened in the middle of the night by a sobbing/keening/wailing/shrieking friend of my ex-roommate’s current roommate. The sound can be likened to that of one of those professional mourners crossed with that of an air raid siren, only much louder and more shrill.

Ate dim sum with the ex-roommate, her current roommates, and the aforementioned professional mourner.

Watched a game of Katamari Damacy, which has the trippiest visuals known to man.

Three white guys. Three Asian girls. D!D!R!

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Dorks, Introspecting: A Side Story

October 3, 2005 Leave a comment

On the cab ride to the restaurant, our own hunky über-geek Javier turned to Marc and myself and started this conversation:

“So, yesterday, I was playing chess-”

His opponent was trained by her brothers, who are state champions. He was trained by his father, who is “a salty bastard!” I’m a bit unclear about the rest of what happened, but I believe rooks were involved.

After a painstaking narration of three whole matches (“I was hungover, so I couldn’t remember WHY I wanted to move that rook-“), Javier finally exhaled and said, “Do you ever have days when you wish you weren’t such a dork?”

Marc/Me: Yeah…

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