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March 24, 2007 Leave a comment

Despite having run/jogged 13 miles already this week in addition to light weight training and yoga, I’m up to 132 lbs. This is puzzling, because I’ve also been eating/drinking in moderation.

According to my mother, I look “fine,” “good,” and “curvy,” though sadly not as thin as I was a year ago.

I may be fine with this, but obviously I’d feel guilty about feeling fine, so I’m working on developing a decent complex.

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Pots, Kettles

March 22, 2007 Leave a comment

What do you call a guy with whom you’ve had multiple one night stands, spread over the course of a five year period? We’re not really friends, not really pen pals. Mostly we just tend to forget the other exists until next time.

So I was kind of shocked to be on a group e-mail to people he wants to friend him on MySpace.

I mean, MySpace? Really? I’m young enough to know I’m way too old. He is now officially middle aged, even if he is only 36.

Deal-breaker, definitely.

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Peaceful Coexistence

March 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Take-out bibimbap is just about the perfect lunch food. (You only need about half the rice — the potions are generous, and the less rice, the greater the chili paste impact!)

What makes it even better is that it comes…from a bagel shop! Apparently, Pro Bagel on West 56th Street is branching out ethnically — because there’s nothing that goes better with bagels than bulgogi. I always say.

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Ode to Sneakers: A Haiku

March 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Impractical shoes
Briefest of walks bloodies feet
Hey! Fuck that shit, yo!

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March 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Have switched to caffeine pills (just 1-a-Day!) to avoid imbibing any coffee. It may seem pathological and counterintuitive, but surely taking fewer bathroom breaks will increase productivity. Plus I take them with green tea, for healthful antioxidant goodness. Bleh!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2007 Leave a comment

Come on, liver, work with me…

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March 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Returned to working out during the past week (I took a lot of February off due to inclement weather), and consequently have begun feeling real hunger again, the kind that wakes you up twisting in pain. It’s always a surprise when it shows up, because, as you might expect, I’m quite comfortable when I actually go to sleep. And I eat second helpings at dinner. So the whole experience is curious indeed.

In more humorous news, I quite horrified my father by using the phrase “pop a cap in his ass.”

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