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Some surprising facts

April 11, 2005 2 comments

1) On Friday night, after a lifetime spent scoffing at individuals who choose “Kraft Easy Mac” instead of “Kraft Incredibly Arduous to Make 10-Minute Macaroni & Cheese,” I found that easy mac is actually quite tasty, even after you’ve had about 6 pints on an empty stomach and cannot properly wield a spoon.

2) In the Lord & Taylors “Petite” section, the shirts are hung quite high on the wall. Think about that for a moment. Such a cruel, cruel joke! Damn you, Lord & Taylors, for hanging your petite things just high enough that actual short people can get them down only by jumping, and cannot get them back up at all!

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58 inches and more!

September 23, 2004 Leave a comment

I was in a Gap Kids yesterday, and I was too short to reach the pants I wanted. I asked the sales clerk to get me a boy’s 12 Plus. Upon handing it to me, she said “This is way too short for you.” I held it up to myself to see. It was, if anything, rather large and lengthy. “Really?” I said.

“Well, from here they looked like they would be too short.”

I’m not quite 59 inches high. Is that so wrong?

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